Onward Social Skills

Onward Social Skills

Social Skills Program for kids from 5-18.



"Thanks for everything you have done for me; I have really enjoyed all of it. I have met a lot of new people and have become friends with a lot of people. I have been getting out of my shell. I will miss you very much and the staff members. You and the staff members will always be in my heart."

12 year old Ashley.

We also wanted to share our news with you that Evan won the award for the most improved student in grade 4 this past June. Our thanks to you Danielle and your outstanding crew. Thank you for your caring, nurturing, teaching and sense of fun. There was a time that we wondered if Evan would ever be truly happy and content. It is such a joy, a gift to see him being a happy kid."

Parents of 10 year old Evan.

"I wanted to thank each and every one of you that participated in the summer program. Your dedication, enthusiasm and compassion for these special children have had a very profound and positive impact on our daughter and family. This was, without doubt, the best summer we have had. The program has given our daughter confidence to take on challenges, by practicing the skills and sayings you gave her this year, which has resulted in a great deal more smiles. Thank you for seeing the person inside, accepting the difficulties and showing her that she has strengths to be proud of. What a wonderful program!!"

Parents of 8 year old Savannah.

"Dear Danielle, We have been very pleased with the Onward program Bryan has attended this year. You have not only helped him mature and develop, but you have helped us to deal with his more difficult behaviour in productive, caring ways. Your advice has been invaluable in dealing with the teachers at school and your emotional support has certainly fortified me on several occasions. Bryan loves coming to his classes at Onward and we look forward to returning next year. Thank you again for all of your help."

Parents of 6 year old Bryan.

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful job that you and the leaders did with the summer camp. I can not give enough praise; everything was very well run and it seemed that all the kids had a great time. I know that Ryan has learned so much and I can see that he is really trying to implement the skills that he has learned."

Parents of 12 year old Ryan.

Being Different

Written by former Onward Student

It's hard to be me; I'm different from the rest
I used to have these problems; That are now taken from my chest.

I didn't stop or think; Because all I did was do
But if I could change all that; I expect the same from you.

I used to think it was right; To punch my way outta things
But I'm glad I asked for help; Because now my world sings.

To unfold the real me; The girl I know I am
Took people's faith to lead me; Not just a snap, then BAM.

It wasn't just Danielle; It was Mitch and the other girls too
But they can't do it all; Because most of it comes from you.

So if you think you're different; You're cool but not the same
Walk head up and smile; Not at your feet in shame.

Remember there's a place; No reason to feel left out
Because by the end of class; Your name, Goodbye they'll shout.

Show respect for others; And they'll give you the same
No matter what you'll smile; And no more walks of shame.

So if you have a problem; You can't live with or deal
Come and learn at Onward; Because here, the magic's real.