Onward Social Skills

Onward Social Skills

Social Skills Program for kids from 5-18.

About Us


Danielle Aziz; a certified member of the Child & Youth Worker Association; developed Onward in 1996. The program was developed, from what Danielle recognized was a need to educate and equip children who were having social difficulties. Danielle found that children exhibiting the characteristics of underdeveloped social skills were having great difficulty implementing the skills taught by conventional means. The Onward program teaches various skills, with an interactive component that makes these concepts real. Children that ordinarily have difficulty focusing or becoming involved in social skills programs, feel at ease and motivated to learn the concepts that Onward offers.


All of the children at Onward have one thing in common; their social skills need a little fine tuning. The children we see have fallen behind socially. They are having difficulty learning and internalizing social skills appropriate for their age. We often work with children that are gifted, have a learning disability, or perhaps are having some emotional difficulties due to current or past circumstances.
A phone interview and in person assessment will determine if your child is suitable for the program.


Onward has been featured in the Fanshawe College Alumni Newsletter.


Written by former Onward Student

It’s hard to be me…I’m different from the rest
I used to have these problems…That are now taken from my chest.

I didn’t stop or think…Because all I did was do
But if I could change all that…I expect the same from you.

I used to think it was right…To punch my way outta things
But I’m glad I asked for help…Because now my world sings.

To unfold the real me…The girl I know I am
Took people’s faith to lead me…Not just a snap, then BAM.

It wasn’t just Danielle…It was Mitch and the other girls too
But they can’t do it all…Because most of it comes from you.

So if you think you’re different…You’re cool but not the same
Walk head up and smile…Not at your feet in shame.

Remember there’s a place…No reason to feel left out
Because by the end of class…Your name, Goodbye they’ll shout.

Show respect for others…And they’ll give you the same
No matter what you’ll smile…And no more walks of shame.

So if you have a problem…You can’t live with or deal
Come and learn at Onward…Because here, the magic’s real.